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Hello friend :)
Alex here, 18 years old, bisexual. I'm sarcastic and broke and I love chocolate milk. and bagels. I fucking love bagels! I reblog a lot of fandom stuff and funny posts that have nothing to do with anything. Don't hesitate to message me <3

Plot twist: You wake up at platform 9 3/4, go through, climb into your closet at Hogwarts, end up in Narnia where you find a Hobbit hole in which The Doctor is waiting for you. He takes you to Asgard where you engage in a threesome with him and Loki. He finally takes you back to London at 221B baker street where you have tea with Sherlock and John. Then, you get killed by Moriarty and as you are dying, you can here it in the distance, Klaine singing "Carry On My Wayward Son". Then, you join Sam and Dean in hell. The End.
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